What we do

Regression Therapy – Deep Memory Process

In Deep Memory Process we search our memory stored in the body and soul locating events and information from the past – whether  in this or other lives .

These are events that our conscious might not be aware of but they influence our lives today in many ways. These can be destructive patterns of behavior, phobias, illnesses, difficult relationships, situations often attached to karma.

Regressions help in revealing, releasing and relieving the wound of our psyche. Healing it is its defined aim.

Shamanic journey

Every culture at every period has its Shamans. Their presence has been constant despite the form they may have acquired and despite the transformations and variety of routes taken by our changing cultures.

Surely they may no longer be seen dancing humming under the sounds of rattling and drum beats around fires , nor will we meet them in a mountainous region like ascetics. But they are among us, distinguished by the same skills they once had, still there. They are the watchful protectors of the soul and of the inner self, those who know the paths that lead to awareness beyond the noise of the everyday rhythm of life in the stressful modern world.

It is they who connect us to our spiritual and religious past and who safe-keep the heritage of the pathways into awareness of the inner self stridden by our ancestors.

Shamanic journeying

Shamanic journeying is the ability to shift awareness, a kind of meditation achieved often under the rhythmic  sounds  of rattle or drum beats which allows one to  enter into  the paths of the inner self . It entails soul flight, soul healing, soul retrieval. 

Via journeying one may seek and find a spiritual teacher, experience his body living in a different form, learn a new code of being, see messages in the form of symbols that in we will gradually find out how deeply connected they are with us and our existence and  often be surprised by this new knowledge  we ultimately learn more about oneself.

Why engage in shamanic journeying?  

For healing the soul, for seeing our state of being, for working on emotional or psychological issues, for insight into the health of our spiritual being and even our physical body. Above all, for learning more about who we are.

Body Psychotherapy

Maria and Kalli are both members of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy.

Constellation Therapy


A Family or a Systemic Constellation offers  an alternative  therapeutic method focused on  family systems.  It explores and reveals a  previously unrecognized systemic dynamic that may run  for generations in a given family with detrimental  effects on one or more family members and on their  interrelationships.  It  centers on  how problems of the past, a trauma suffered by our progenitors are often reflected in  the present.

Named Invisible Loyalties according to psychiatrist Iván Böszörményi-Nagy  or Systemic entanglements, as characterised by Bert Hellinger  who studied and treated families for more than 50 years, they explain the relation between present and past problems that are not caused by direct personal experience and of which the family members have no knowledge. Systemic Entanglements  occur when unresolved trauma lingers in the present  from an event which had afflicted a family at some point in the past. It may have been a murder, a suicide, a death or war, a natural disaster, emigration, or abuse and in the present is  expressed  in a  destructive familial pattern such as  alcoholism or  depression, anger, guilt, anxiety etc.

Constellation  Therapy allows us to uncover, observe and release the family members from these entanglements, be liberated from these destructive familial patterns. It is a method of healing trauma offering the prospect of  a healthier and happier life.

Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly. Family Constellations are a way of discovering underlying family bonds and forces that have been carried unconsciously over several generations.

Bertold Ulsamer

Journey to the Heart

“The character structure of modern man… is typified by armoring against his inner nature and against the social misery which surrounds him. This armoring of the character is the basis of isolation, indigence, craving for authority, fear of responsibility, mystic longing, sexual misery, and neurotically impotent rebelliousness.”

Wilhelm Reich

The words of Reich are evident in our practice more today than ever before.

People creating and reacting to a disembodied society by operating from the mind losing their rooting to the body, its senses and emotions  and ultimately to the full experience of life.

This inner isolation is mirrored in our relationship to the other/s and the concrete apartments of urban culture.

With this in mind, we created a workshop where a group of 15 people were joined together by body psychotherapy, free movement / open floor techniques, and  live music / sound / voice, for a journey into the body and its heart and connection.

TAF GALLERY ATHENS  |  Journey to the heart exhibition

Workshop Facilitators

Kalli Alevizou – Body Psychotherapy

Myrto Legaki – Free Movement

Katerina Polemi – Live Music / Voice Improvisation

Seeding Workshop (16th Congress for Body Psychotherapy)

Seeding workshop

We find ourselves on the verge of burnout from always doing. Leaving ourselves we seek outside until we reach exhaustion. The more we strive to accomplish each day, the more the body needs to stay. Often at that point comes the urge for death. A need to return to the womb where all is motionless and nurturing. We stay into the body, where the caves exist and the seed rests still and contained. This experiential workshop that was birthed from personal experiences combines body psychotherapy with movement, sound and voice, seeking the balance between being and doing.


Kalli Alevizou, studied Reichian body psychotherapy in Athens. She is also a regression therapist, shamanic practicioner and family constellation facilitator of the Hellinger method. Kalli does private sessions and facilitates workshops in all the modalities that she practices.

Katerina Polemi, studied at the Berklee College of Music. 2011 release of first album and concerts in USA and Europe. Besides the music festivals around the world, she has performed at Carnegie Hall and the Stravnsky Auditorium. She attends music and voice improvisation in Hawaii and the US.